Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Baseball Tavern - part 2

The Baseball Tavern

The Lie Society... now with a brand new bassist in every box!


Diner Time

Ella Ella, Eh Eh

We were kinda bored one night, so we traveled to a hookah bar (with an "open mic" night) and performed "Umbrella"... There's no polaroid evidence of it, but Phil got called "honky" that night.


... Meet the Flintstones. They're way too big for their car.

I Don't Come To Westfield... Westfield Comes To Me

True, Chelsea and Katie were already pretty familiar with Boston... but that's not the point.

Family Dinner at Bertucci's

Spencer was still in town, so we introduced him to a few more of our Boston friends.

A 17-Year-Old at a House Party

Can you tell by Tim's and Katie's shirts what holiday it was?... Beer pong and flip-cup seemed appropriate.

Do Re Mi, It's Raph's Birthday! - part 3

Do Re Mi, It's Raph's Birthday! - part 2

Do Re Mi, It's Raph's Birthday!

Nothing says "happy birthday" like a night in-and-out of a house to sing Britney Spears at a karaoke... place? What do you call a karaoke bar that's not a "bar"?

Ghost Town, My Ass!

Bailey, Chelsea and I made the annoying drive into Watchung to see a "ghost town." When we finally got there, we found half the houses had people living in them... Bullshit!

A Random Day at Bailey's

South of the Mason-Dixon - part 2